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Tweeterham Turquoise music  review

At Tweeterham we pay very close attention to whats trending.  We recently ran across the trend, Turquoise Music.  Everyone was making noise online about a hot new EDM artist so we decided to check her out.  We started at her website, which is exquisitely designed, ergonomic and easy to navigate. Upon checking out her EPK, we realized this artist is not new to the game.  She’s been in a ton of music videos as well as some film. She’s modeled for Billy Bad A$$ (Diddy’s flamboyant blazer designer) and Ed Hardy. We were ecstatic to hear her music, seeing that she sings in English, Spanish and in German.  Her music is a refreshing difference from whats in the mainstream but overwhelms in commercial appeal.  Every song painted a picture with descriptive lyrics comparable to Victor Hugo’s writing style.   We ended at her video, which, for lack of better words was, immaculate, creative and mind-blowing!  In an age where anyone can post their version of what they consider a music video with their iPhone, here we have real substance, cinematography, motion graphics and a bass bumping song that I haven’t seemed to get out of my head since I heard it.  Is she worthy to be trending? Does a fat kid love cake? Kudos and ten thumbs up to Turquoise Music. You are Tweeterham approved!

Viral Marketing Campaign Leverages Social Media, Garners Huge ROI Case 


Study Challenge

A night club wanted to run a promotion that would help them drive business with new and existing customers during historically slow winter months.


Tweeterham suggested a multi-dimensional campaign that would leverage social media to go “viral,” ideally driving a much larger response than a single-touch strategy could. An integrated marketing program that leveraged email, Web and social media was developed.

For four weeks in august we launched a promotion that allowed anyone to get free admission and a drink  of choice by following or tweeting about to club via promo mini site .

To launch the program, an email blast was sent to the club's current customer list and club members a total of 5,469 people. The email directed customers to a campaign URL micro site where they could access to follow on Twitter, tweet and print a voucher . The voucher or tweets could then be presented at the club.

To access the website customers were required to provide their email address, cell phone number, and mailing address. This collected data for future marketing campaigns. get in free all they had to do was bring their phones while printing their vouchers, they could share the offer with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter or 340 other social media outlets, all with a few clicks of the mouse.


The customer was swamped with business, joking that the program almost worked too well! In just two months & a week later they had grown from 2,456 followers to 23,845 and collected nearly $104,000 more in revenue during the winter than last year. The entire campaign cost $1,500 resulting in a very healthy 68% ROI. The use of social media sharing drastically increased the campaign’s exposure, reach and response.

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